Have a look at our 7 tips to learn Spanish fast!

If you want to learn Spanish or have already started and are wondering how to speed up the learning process a bit, our 7 tips to learn Spanish fast will help you understand how to approach this fantastic experience. Studying a new language is always challenging and opens up new worlds.

There are many ways to improve your performance and learn fast, making the most of your time and achieving great results while enjoying the Spanish language and culture.

These are our 7 tips!

1 Take a group course or some individual classes

This is the first thing to do: choosing the best learning solution for you! Either joining a group or meeting with a private tutor for a one-to-one class is a great start, depending on what you prefer.

2 Read books adapted for your level

There are many lovely books for any levels: most of the time they are famous books adapted for learners at different stages and they might also include a little dictionary or some comprehension activities. Really nice!

3 Spend some time using your favourite app

Apps are not enough, but can be a good support if used regularly to reinforce what you learn during your classes: 10-15 minutes per day are a good way to work on vocabulary, grammar and structure of the sentence.

4 Listen to a podcast on your way to work

If you search podcasts for Spanish learners you find a lot of lovely options: listening to something for a short time (10-15 minutes) is incredibly beneficial for your comprehension and pronunciation, so choose something that you like and enjoy!

have a look at 7 tips to learn Spanish fast

5 Find a Spanish bar or event in your city

If you know a bar where Spaniards usually meet for a drink or an event where you can speak to Spanish natives, go for it! It’s a fantastic way to make new friends, talk about something interesting and practise your Spanish!

6 Set a goal

Once you’ve started, set your goal: anything measurable and reachable is fine, for example you can decide to take an exam of Spanish as a foreign language at a specific level!

7 Plan a holiday in a Spanish speaking destination

No matter if it’s a short or long term plan: dreaming about a holiday in your favourite Spanish speaking country is a fantastic motivation that will push you to do your best!

And don’t forget to have fun!

If you are not sure yet, read more about why learn a foreign language.

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