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One of our DITALS course attendees, Maria Piccirillo, shared her impressions about the course with us and explained some aspects of it. Let’s go through this nice chat!

Tell us about your education and previous work experience.

I worked as a secretary in my university office (University “Orientale” in Naples). Then I worked for one year in my City Hall through the National Civil Service project in 2014. I also taught English to children for a short period and then two years ago I moved to London, where I am a bar and retail supervisor in a restaurant.

Why did you choose to do the DITALS preparation course?

Teaching has always been my dream, so having reached a good work situation I decided to do the course and start my professional career.

What expectations did you have before the start of the course?

I expected a course similar to the ones at university, where the professor speaks and students take notes, but surprisingly I experimented something completely different.

How was the course organised?

The course lasted for 4 weekends. Everyone was involved in a continuous exchange of information and thoughts, even with the group works to do at home.

In your opinion, which part of the exam is more complex?

Each part has its difficulties, I don’t think that there is one more complex. Probably part B is more tiring because you have to create a little chunk of the lesson.

What do you need to focus on during the exam preparation?

Studying the bibliography is the easy part, it is definitely more important to focus on part A and B.

What did the traineeship consist of and what was more useful for your training?

I observed Italian group lessons to adults and I created teaching material with my colleagues. In my opinion the latter was more useful as it made me understand the teacher’s job and helped me prepare the DITALS exam at my best.

Which advice would you give to someone who is about to start this professional path?

Having a clear goal and understanding what teaching means, as it is not a job for everybody.