If you enjoy Spanish food, you will love huevos rotos!

Have you tried this lovely dish?

Most of the time, the simplest recipes are the better.

In Spain eggs are not a common breakfast: normally Spaniards eat them for lunch or dinner.

Huevos rotos are a traditional dish, very easy to make and incredibly good!

Literally, huevos rotos means broken eggs.

You can add a variety of ingredients to make them even more tasty and eat every time something slightly different.

For example, you can serve them with french fries, with jamón (cured ham), morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo or  pimientos (green peppers).

Let’s see how to prepare this recipe with jamón and potatoes!

First of all, the ingredients:

2 huevos –> 2 eggs

1 patata grande –> 1 big potato

1 cebolla –> 1 onion

3 lonchas de jamón –> 3 slices of cured ham

aceite de oliva virgen extra –> extra virgin olive oil

sal –> salt

And now you are ready to follow the recipe!

Peel the potato and cut it in 1/2 cm dices.

Heat the extra virgin olive oil in a pan and fry the potato until browned (around 10 minutes).

Remove the potato, cut the onion in thin slices and put it in the same pan where you cooked the potato, adding a little oil.

Cook over medium heat until brown.

Season potato and onion with salt at your taste.

Finally, let’s fry the eggs.

Add a spoon of oil in the same pan and fry the eggs until the whites have set, adding some salt.

Be careful: don’t overcook, the yolk has to be runny!

Now you can assemble: lay the potatoes and onion in a plate, top with the eggs and cover with the slices of jamón.

So your dish is ready!

Before eating, break the yolk with the tip of a knife: its star shape once broken is the reason why this dish is also known as huevos estrellados.

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