Would you like to plan an unusual holiday in Italy?

In the centre of Italy there is a hidden treasure that you must discover: the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise.

It is the first Italian protected area, born in 1923 with the aim of safeguarding the environment and encouraging the integration between nature and local populations in respect of plants, animals, local resources and ancient traditions. Also, the park protects animals in danger of extinction like wolves, bears, chamoises, eagles and much more.

Let’s see how you could enjoy this amazing natural park!

Things to do. The park is a great hiking location where you can follow hundreds different paths, choosing the level of difficulty.

Going through the Park you will come across amazing medieval towns to discover, museums, faunistic areas.

You can also take part to workshops and do an unforgettable experience!

If you go in winter, you can ski near Pescasseroli, where you will find a great ski resort and several trails.

Things to see. You could start your trip from Pescasseroli, a lovely town in Abruzzo plenty of historical and naturalistic attractions, like the Parco faunistico (Faunistic Park), where you can see rare animals born in captivity or injured examples found in the park territory and kept in the animals centre.

Another place which is definitely worth a visit for the several animal species is the Area faunistica (Faunistic Area) around Civitella Alfedena.

Not far from there you will find the artificial lake of Barrea, overlooked by the medieval town surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the park.

You can discover Alfedena with its medieval castle and Villavallelonga, where you will find the Museo dell’orso (Bear Museum) to learn more about this symbol of the Park and have a walk through the area hoping to see some exemplars.

Don’t miss the opportunity to go to Val Fondillo and to the Camosciara with its breathtaking landscapes and waterfalls.

And now let’s discover some local products!

The traditional cuisine is made of natural, simple products that you can easily find and taste around the Park.

Try the Pan dell’Orso (Bear’s bread), a soft cake made with almond paste, spelt, butter and honey and covered by a layer of chocolate. You will love it!

If you like cheese, taste the several local types like caciotta farcita (stuffed caciotta), pecorino, caciocavallo and many more.

And, before leaving, buy some Santoreggia or Millefiori honey, famous for the delicate mild floral taste.

So, what are you waiting for?

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