Can you guess what “acostarse con las gallinas” means in Spanish?

Acostarse con las gallinas” is a nice Spanish idiom very often used in conversation.

If you have heard it many times, you must be very curious about it!

The peculiarity of most Spanish idiom is to be not exactly straightforward.

Understanding their meaning often means reading between the lines.

Also, a translation might be useful to move to its interpretation but it is not always true.

Sometimes translating helps you understand a literal meaning…which is not what the idiom means!

So what about “acostarse con las gallinas”?

If you translate it, the literal meaning is “to go to bed with the hens”.

As you probably know, hens go to sleep at sunset: as soon as the sun goes down, they go back to the henhouse.

So the real meaning of this idiomatic expression is “to go to bed early”.

Here you have some examples to use it.

Spanish English
Mi abuelo se acuesta con las gallinas. My grandad always goes to bed early.
Son las 5 de la tarde y ya estás cansado. Me parece que hoy te vas a acostar con las gallinas. It’s 5pm and you are already tired. I think you are going to bed very early today.
Ellos se acuestan con las gallinas cuando tienen que trabajar el próximo día. They go to bed early when the day after thay have to work.


Would you be able to make a sentence with this idiom?

Try with some simple examples!

It would be nice to know if a similar idiom exists in other languages…what about yours?

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