The Aeolian Islands are seven islands in the Tyrrhenian sea, all of volcanic origin: Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea, Stromboli, Salina, Lipari and Volcano and they represent a popular Italian tourist destination in the summer.

Each island has its own characteristics. That is why, before visiting them, you should find out which one matches your personality!

LIPARI  If you are that kind of person who wants to enjoy the wildness of nature without giving up all of the comforts which a town can offer, Lipari is your island. You will find well-equipped areas, such as the busiest port for ferry connections, which allows you to make daytrips to the other islands, as well as a great variety of accommodations.This island, which is also the largest, has a unique wild coast with extraordinary views. Even the town has its own attractions: the fortified acropolis, the archaeological museum, which contains finds from all over the Aeolian Islands and the  twelfth-century Norman cloister are just some of them.

PANAREA – If you are looking for a more sophisticated holiday and you prefer fun and parties, Panarea definitely matches your personality. The smallest and oldest island, but also the most chic and expensive, it’s very popular for the incredible phenomena which can be observed, such as the submarine fumaroles bubbling at the surface of the sea, the wondeful sandy beaches which make it a popular cruising and yatching destination and, above all, for its sunset aperitivi and exciting nightlife.

FILICUDI and ALICUDI – Do you ever wish you could get away from the stressfull everyday life? Filicudi and Alicudi might be your dream destinations. Perfect for lovers of nature and quieteness, they are the westernmost islands. Filicudi, with a few small villages, offers deep grottoes and crystal clear waters. When visiting Alicudi instead, you will be attracted by even wildest areas and a quite curious fact: cars are not allowed, transport in this island means donkeys or boats!

STROMBOLI and VULCANO – They are the islands for the adventurous and young spirits, both equipped with a muttering volcano. Stromboli has the most active European volcano: what makes this island even more special though are the black lava beaches and the unique opportunity to climb the volcano: all you need are trekking boots, a torch, a warm jacket and some water. Vulcano is especially popular for its Fanghi di Vulcano (mud baths) and offshore fumaroles, along with beauty centres which offer the best termal hydromassage pools.

SALINA – If you are all for family and want to spend some quality time with your children – or your parents – then Salina is the most suitable island for you. The second largest island – and the greenest – is particularly famous for its role in Massimo Troisi’s film “Il Postino”. What you can’t miss is the granita to drink on a sun-warmed terrace of the island!

And, if you can’t decide, why not visit them all?

Giovanni Nuccio