Everybody knows that truffles are among the most expensive food on earth.

In Marche you have the chance to try them without pawning the family silver.

Among the various species of tartufi found in this region, only two are worth killing fo , the white truffle or tartufo bianco and the refined black truffle or the tartufo nero pregiato.

The best places to hunt truffles in this region is Acqualagna and Sant’Angelo in Vado , already known all over the world.

The North of Marche is the best zone for hunting the white truffle whilst the Piceno area is good to hunt the black fine one.

If you are curious to know what is behind this unique fruiting body, you can enjoy an organized truffle hunting trip – you can easily find travel agencies or hunters that give you the chance to live this authentic experience and buy the products after the outdoor session with dogs.

If you just want to buy the products and taste them, renowned places for truffles are rich of specialized stores and restaurants, which make several truffle dishes, from the antipasto – as the bruschetta – to tagliatelle and agnolotti, to fish and meat.

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The white truffle, which is the finest, can cost more than £1,500 per kilo depending on the quality and seasonal abundance.

The black type comes cheaper.

Both are a perfect antidote against the tough winter: to buy them fresh you have to be in Italy between October and the end of December for the bianchi and between December and March for the neri pregiati.

If you are in Italy during the summer any fresh truffles you find on restaurant menus will be the tartufo d’estate or summer truffles, a pale shadow of its noble sisters .

Although truffles are best eaten fresh within days of their discovery, there are plenty of products that try to preserve the experience.

For example you can also buy small bottles of olive oil flavoured with truffle or truffle butter or tubes of truffle paste.

If you want to know the real flavour of truffles it’s better to buy the whole fruit which is actually the fruiting body of mushrooms of the Tuber specie.

They live underground in symbiosis with several plants’ roots for many years, until particular weather conditions – rainfalls, humidity, temperature – let the slow process of fructification begin.

It is a really slow development which can last even 8 months for the black truffle.

Just at the end of the growth our dog will be able to pick up the smell coming from the ground: that’s when we can extract the truffle and taste it on our tables.

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