Taking a stroll in one of the little streets of this “borgo” will surprise you with its authenticity and its atmosphere. Every corner, every sound and every smell remember the past of this beautiful place that every summer seduce lot of tourists, not only for its landscape but also for its unique sea, still uncontaminated and wild. Situated in the deep south-east of Sicily, Marzamemi is one of the prettiest seaside fishing villages of this area, which until today has been keeping its original colours and shapes. Its ancient “Tonnara” (tuna processing plant), which was one of the most important in the island, is still today one of the most fascinating place and it’s here where tourists can buy and taste the flavour of its products.

It was the Arabs of the 10th century who gave Marzamemi its poetic name, whose original was Marsà al-hamam (translating as something like Turtle Dove Bay), and also built the original Tonnara . It’s thanks to this people that this plant has become one of the most important in the island. Although the Tonnara itself is no longer in function, Marzamemi continues its artisanal fishing and processing activities, producing all manner of delicacies, including canned tuna, dried tuna roe (bottarga), smoked swordfish, marinated anchovies, seafood pasta condiments, tuna salamis and much more!

The old centre of the village is situated in a little promontory and built around the picturesque Piazza Regina Margherita;  on the south side you can find the little fishing harbour with its bobbing fleet of colourful wooden boats, on the others a series of charming buildings, including the Church of San Francesco di Paola, the tonnara, the prince’s aristocratic palazzo and a row of fishermen’s houses.

After having seen this side of the village you can’t help enjoying a relaxing moment immersed in the crystal-clear and pure water and swimming nearby the sandy beach or renting a little boat for a trip around there. The nightlife in Marzamemi is also worth to be lived, you can have a tasteful fish-based dinner sitting in one of the most famous restaurant surrounded by its lights and Mediterranean colours and then having a stroll through the narrowed streets ; if you like you can also having fun in one of the several open-air bars which play music and let people dance. As you can understand by yourselves the perfect moment to visit Marzamemi is in the high summer months, but it’s also worth visiting it during the rest of the year.