“Andarse Por Las Ramas” is a nice Spanish idiom!

If you are wondering what “Andarse Por Las Ramas” means, don’t worry: it’s not such a straightforward idiom to understand!

Sometimes guessing the meaning of idiomatic expressions is really hard and if you haven’t studied them it might seem a mission impossible.

However, this idiom finds correspondence in other languages, so maybe you already use it in your language.

Its meaning is “to avoid the subject”, so, for example, it refers to any times someone doesn’t come to the point of the conversation or omits important information.

In English there is a similar idiom, “to beat around the bush”, which is also used when someone avoids or delays some difficult topics.

And now some examples to see how to use it!

Spanish English
No soy ese tipo de persona al que le guste andarse por las ramas. I’m not the kind of person who likes beating around the bush.
No te andes por las ramas y dime cuánto pagaste por la computadora. Stop beating around the bush and tell me how much you paid for the computer.
¿Por qué te vas por las ramas cada vez que te hago esta misma pregunta? Why do you beat around the bush every time I ask you this question?


It’s so easy to use! Since it refers to a very common behaviour, we all have many examples in mind!

Now you can try to use it in writing and in conversation every time you need.


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