Looking for apps to learn Italian?

During this long period working from home, using some apps to learn Italian would be a great idea!

As you have more time to study Italian, apps are the easiest way to practise while at home.

You can use them between lessons if you are taking some or, if you are waiting for a new course to start, you can refresh some grammar and vocabulary on them.

Let’s find out 5 lovely apps to use!

HelloTalk is the perfect app to speak with natives and practise your language skills.

Using a simple chat you can interact with natives, who can correct your sentences.

MindSnacks is based on lovely games to practise grammar, vocabulary and listening having fun.

The app also tracks your progress so that you can have a clear idea of how you are doing!

Babbel offers courses at any levels and the opportunity to practise through interactive dialogues, speech recognition and revision activities.

So you have the chance to study some new topics and put them into practice focusing on pronunciation as well as on grammar and vocabulary.

MosaLingua gives you the option to start a standard learning programme or go for specific topics in order to fill some gaps in.

The app is based on flashcards and dialogues based on real communicative situations.

TripLingo is the right app for travellers!

If you are dreaming about your next holiday, this app will help you get ready to communicate in another country adapting your language to the context.

How should you use apps?

Apps are good to consolidate what you learnt, refresh grammar and expand vocabulary.

Having more time at home, it would be ideal if you could dedicate 10-15 minutes per day to your favourite app.

The more constant you are, the better!

And if you want to discover more apps to learn Italian, follow this link.

Which app do you like the most?