Are you keen on using apps to learn Spanish?

During the lockdown, discovering new apps to learn Spanish is a great way to improve your skills.

As you have more time to spend at home, you have the chance to focus on some practice every day.

Even 10-15 minutes per day are enough to keep going!

Apps are good to use between your Spanish classes or, if you are not attending lessons, in preparation for your next course.

Let’s see 5 amazing apps to learn Spanish!

Drops. Perfect for visual learners, this app is based on short tutorials that associate new vocabulary and phrases to images.

You can choose which vocabulary you want to learn as it’s organised in categories, such as colours, shapes, animals and so on.

Babbel. After a placement test you can go for your programme, mostly based on conversation.

The app is based on real life situations and you can improve your speaking thanks to a speech recognition software.

In addition to general language programmes, you can choose the business Spanish specific courses for professionals.

Lirica.  If you love music, this app is the right one to learn Spanish having fun.

You can choose songs that you like and start from them to learn vocabulary and grammar.

Mondly. Hundreds lessons to learn grammar, vocabulary, key phrases and pronunciation.

You can put into practice what you learn through fantastic exercises focused on all the different abilities and improve your pronunciation thanks to a great speech recognition software.

Tandem. If you want to take your Spanish to the next level, this app is what you are looking for.

You can choose a native Tandem partner and start chatting!

Great apps, don’t you think?

So start having a look and find your favourite one!

And if you want to discover more apps follow this link.