In Italy, when you say “a coffee, please” you mean exclusively Espresso: a short one with an intense flavour.

Venice was the first Italian city to appreciate coffee and to have public spaces where it could be enjoyed.

Over the time, Italy has become the official ambassador of the Espresso philosophy.

Nowadays, coffee has become almost a ritual.

Italians love to sit on bars’ sofas and spend hours and hours chatting in front of an Espresso.

Coffee in Italy is very traditional,  a little variation can enhance the taste of the mixture:

  • ESPRESSO: a short one with an intense flavour covered by a thin cream.
  • MACCHIATO: is like a normal espresso served in a small cup with the addition of milk foam.
  • CAPPUCCINO: is like an espresso in a large cup with the addition of milk foam just to fill it.

In the busy London, where “let’s not reinvent the wheel” is a mantra, when you ask: “a coffee, please” is taken for granted that it is to take away.

Coffee in England has now changed, as a matter of fact you will have the chance to try different types, such as:

  • SINGLE ESPRESSO: it is longer than an Italian Espresso.
  • DOUBLE ESPRESSO: it’s stronger than a normal espresso, perfect for those who work long hours.
  • CAPPUCCINO: the same as the Italian Cappuccino.
  • FRAPPUCCINO: coffee comes together with caramel and flan flavoured syrup, then is finished off with caramel infuse, whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel flan sauce.
  • CARAMEL, NUTS OR CHOCOLATE MACCHIATO: it’s a normal Macchiato with the additions of nuts, caramel or chocolate on top.

Often English coffee is not made from ground grain, but with pods… That’s the reason why it is lighter than the Italian one.

Did you know the Italian tradition called “Outstanding Coffee”?

It has its roots in Naples, where those who could afford ordering two espresso, pay the second one for those who come after and have no money.

This tradition spread and became famous worldwide, even in London: for example, you can leave an outstanding coffee at Black Sheep Coffee!

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