Asking for directions in Italian is very important before leaving for Italy!

Even though nowadays everybody has a smartphone, sometimes asking for directions is much more useful.

This is true especially in little towns where it might be easier to follow someone’s instructions.

So watching this nice video tutorial is really helpful to learn more!

Today we will learn how to ask for directions in Italian.

Oggi impareremo come chiedere informazioni stradali in italiano.

We will have two dialogues, one with “lei”, a formal way and one with “tu” an informal way.

Avremo due dialoghi, il primo con il “lei” e il secondo con il “tu”.


Mi scusi, mi sa dire dov’è la stazione per cortesia?

Excuse me, can you tell me where is the station, please?

Certo, sempre dritto, al semaforo deve girare a destra, di fronte alla posta c’è la stazione.

Sure, go straight, then turn right at the traffic light, the station is in front of the post office.

Ah, per caso è all’incrocio con via Indipendenza?

Ah, is it at the crossroad with via Indipendenza, by any chance?

No, guarda, è prima di via Indipendenza. La trovi sulla tua sinistra.

No, it’s before via Indipendenza. You’ll find it on your left.

Ah, capisco. Ma quanto dista?

Oh, I see. How far is it?

Saranno al massimo dieci minuti a piedi.

It’s roughly a ten minutes walk.

Ah, va bene, grazie infinite. Arrivederci.

Ok, thank you very much. Goodbye.

Prego, ciao.

You’re welcome, bye.

And here some vocabulary that will help you.

Destra –> Right

Sinistra –> Left

Sempre dritto –> Straight on

All’incrocio –> At the crossroad

Learning these words and expressions will help you a lot!

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