Avere la testa fra le nuvole” is a nice Italian idiom, do you know its meaning?

Avere la testa fra le nuvole” is the right expression to describe a temporary or permanent state of mind.

If we translate it, we realise that it corresponds to the English idiom: to have your head in the clouds.

So it is not difficult to understand it!

It clearly refers to someone who is daydreaming or engrossed in something and does not pay attention to what’s around him or her.

In general, we can use it to refer to someone who is out of touch with the reality, so is ignoring or underestimating a situation.

For example, it is a good expression to use with people who lives in a fantasy world and is not very practical!

Some examples will help you use it!

Italian English
Luciano pensa di poter aprire il suo negozio in un mese, ha proprio la testa fra le nuvole! Luciano thinks he can open his shop in a month, he really has his head in the clouds!
Come sempre non hai ascoltato quello che ho detto, hai sempre la testa fra le nuvole. As usual you didn’t listen to what I said, you always have your head in the clouds.
Michela pensava che l’azienda le avrebbe pagato tutte le sue spese giornaliere. Ha sempre la testa fra le nuvole! Michela thought that the company would pay for all her daily expenses. She always has her head in the clouds!


Can you think of someone who is constantly daydreaming?

Try to make some examples using this idiomatic expression!

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