What do I mean if I use the Italian idiomatic expression “ho un diavolo per capello”?

The literal meaning of this Italian idiom is “to have a demon for each hair“, which corresponds to the English “to be as mad as hell“.

Imagine someone furious with as many demons as his hair sitting on his shoulder: well, now you can understand how effective this idiom is!

Let’s see some examples!

Italian English
Lasciami stare, oggi ho un diavolo per capello! Leave me alone, today I am as mad as hell!
Il professore ha un diavolo per capello: ha scoperto che abbiamo copiato all’esame. The professor is furious: he found out that we cheated on the exam.
Il nostro capo deve avere un diavolo per capello, urla contro Marco da mezz’ora! Our boss must be as mad as hell, he’s been shouting at Marco for half an hour!


Can you think of a similar way to say in your language?

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