The CILS exam is released by the University for Foreigners of Siena and valid worldwide to certificate the Italian competence level.

You can understand more about its structure here.

In the B1 and B2 exam candidates have to be ready to face a well structured Grammar Section: let’s have a look in more detail!

The section is composed by 4 activities to be completed in 1 hour:

  • In the first activity, candidates have to complete a text with articles and prepositions in B1 and with adjectives and pronouns in B2.
  • The second activity is focused on verbs: the objective is filling the gaps with the correct tense of the verbs in brackets.
  • The third activity is a text to complete choosing among 4 options for each gap.
  • In the fourth activity candidates have to choose the correct communicative context for the ten expressions given.

How is best to prepare this section?

Well, for all the four activities is important to skim the text first and understand the general meaning. Then, the best thing is starting again and focusing on each sentence: reading the whole sentence can be very useful instead of stopping after the gap to have a clear idea of some important details.

In regards to the first activity, understanding the type of word needed is the first step to take: only after that candidates can figure out exactly what is the correct answer.

In general, practicing the exam as much as possible is essential to feel confident and know how to manage time: this should be part of the training as a good organization is necessary to finish all the three activities and have time to check and copy the answers in the provided sheet.

You can have a look at a B1 exam sample here and at a B2 exam sample here.

Let’s start your preparation! Which task are you working on?