We get on the time machine and get carried futuristic era of Polibibita (cocktail) of the early twentieth century!

The futuristic movement of painters, writers, inventors of the contemporary age who created excitement and amazed people with their art… Outside the box… And how could not be through new cocktails arousing stunning emotions!

Marinetti said: “You think, you dream and you act according to what you drink and eat”, quote stolen from a Greek philosopher.

This was the era of life motif combinations, leaded by strange and crazy people in the kitchen and behind the bars.


The Polibibita mixture was invented by Prampolini, a futurist aero-painter who had used Campari in one of his paintings to dilute the colour, and that way invented a new cocktail… Be careful, don’t let the name fool you: “Giostra di Alcohol” (alcohol carousel), a very Italian cocktail of the era… Definitely not for kids!

Which crazy ingredients would have put our artist-barman?

– 6 cl of Barbera d’Asti, an intense flavoured and citrus wine;

– 3 cl of Campari obviously, a bitter taste infused with hundreds of herbs;

– 6 cl. of Cedrata, a soft drink flavoured with citron and made sparkling.

And now comes the surprise… What to match with these products? Well, our artist have decided to combine chocolate and Grana Padano (yes, the famous cheese!)…

To serve as appetizer it is perfect! Take two sticks and one stab with a piece of chocolate and the other with a piece of Grana Padano, and dive into the mixture of Campari, Barbera d’Asti and Cedrata, cooling them with an ice cube.

Before drinking, you have to eat the cheese… Now it’s time to drink… And finally, with the taste of bitter chocolate, you will discover a pleasant surprising taste… Try it with your friends!


If you come to Milan, you should definitely stop by the Gallery, where Campari is displayed on all the Futurist manifestos, advertisements and labels that symbolize a tremendous change in style over the years. You should  not forget to visit the American Bar Campari, where the colour predominant, red, partners your drink!

Cocktails should not be called that way anymore, but the Polibibite, mixtures created to convey those who drank a variety of sensations, are similar, somehow, to the simultaneous visions that characterized the paintings of Boccioni in the era in which everything was allowed!