Have you just started learning the language and are looking for basic Spanish words and phrases to know?

In this article we will go through 20 basic Spanish words and phrases to know for beginners: very useful chunks that you might need to use when you travel to a Spanish speaking country or meet natives who don’t speak your language.

Most of the time students find interacting in Spanish very difficult when they don’t have enough vocabulary and struggle to make a sentence, so learning some words and phrases can help survive and ask what you are looking for!

 Let’s learn more!

1 ¿Qué?= What?

¿Qué significa esto? –> What does this mean?

2 ¿Cuándo? = When?

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? –> When is your birthday?

3 ¿Cuál? = Which?

¿Cuál es tu color favorito? –> Which one is your favourite colour?

4 ¿Quién? = Who? (Singular)

¿Quién es el invitado? –> Who is the guest?

5 ¿Quiénes? = Who? (Plural)

¿Quiénes son los invitados? –> Who are the guests?

6 ¿Cuánto? = How much?

¿Cuánto cuesta una naranja? –> How much is one orange?

7 ¿Dónde? = Where?

¿Dónde está el baño? –> Where is the bathroom?

8 ¿Por qué? = Why?

¿Por qué estás triste? –> Why are you sad?

9 Ser = To be (learn the difference between Ser and Estar!)

Yo soy Mara. –> I am Mara.

10 Tener = To have

Yo tengo hambre. –> I am hungry.

20 basic Spanish words and phrases to know for beginner students

11 Hacer = To do, to make

Hago deporte tres veces por semana. –> I do sport three times per week.

12 Ir = To go

Esta noche voy al cine con Vanesa. –> Tonight I go to the cinema with Vanesa.

13 Querer = To want

Queremos viajar en diciembre a Chile. –> We want to travel to Chile in December.

14 Hablar = To speak

Hablo solo un poco de inglés. –> I speak only a little bit of English.

15 Vivir = To live

Vivo en España desde hace 3 años. –> I have been living in Spain for 3 years.

16 Necesitar = To need

¡Necesito tu ayuda!  –> I need your help!

17  Venir = To come

¿Cuándo vienes a visitarme? –> When are you coming to visit me?

18 Ver = To see, to watch

Voy a ver la televisión. –> I am going to watch television.

19 Comer = To eat

Me gusta comer fresas. –> I like eating strawberries.

20 Comprar = To buy

Necesido comprar la comida. –> I need to buy food.


Very useful, arent’ they?

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