Many tourists think that Agua de Valencia is tap water that you can find in the several fountains spread all around the city… But are you sure that under the hot sun of Valencia you feel like drinking tap water?

According to the popular history, some Basques travellers asked for ‘Agua de Bilbao‘, referring to the best sparkling house wine. Since they couldn’t find it, they asked for an advice to Constant Gil, the owner of Café de Madrid, for an alcoholic and refreshing drink. As he was not only a bartender, but also a painter and an artist, it wasn’t difficult at all for him to create an amazing recipe: “Agua de Valencia”… as a joke!

Since summer is coming, why not preparing some of this refreshing drink? Obviously the vessel used by Constant was a big pitcher, because his customers were a large group, and so he could serve them all quickly, however we will use a glass as large as a tumbler.

We add cube ices to fill the glass and pour into it all the ingredients:

1 ½ oz. of gin

1 ½ oz. of vodka

1 oz. of Orange Juice

Guess what is the last ingredient? Obviously the sparkling wine!!! And now it’s time to stir all the ingredients together and garnish with a slice of fresh orange. Don’t mix too much, otherwise you will loose all the bubbles! Also, do not use orange liqueurs such as Cointreau, as only the fresh orange juice that gives the drink its aromatic qualities. And now…taste it!

An advice: if you squeeze fresh oranges instead of buying the juice, you will have a more intense and homemade flavour. In order to make it sweeter, someone also adds a bit of brown sugar… Why don’t you try it?

If you want to make it cooler, instead of simple sparkling wine, Champagne could be a nice option.

And if you want to enjoy this delicious cocktail in front of a good movie, I recommend you a Spanish film director, Pedro Almodóvar, with a charming title: Lovers Passengers… With a delightful surprise for you… Pay attention to details!