Are you wondering how to say beautiful in Italian?

There are many ways to say beautiful in Italian, depending on the situation and on what you want to express. Learning different words is important to have a good vocabulary to use when necessary. It also makes the conversation more natural, as natives normally use many synonyms.

Obviously not all the words can be used in the same situation, so it’s essential to distinguish between them and understand the intensity of meaning. For example, it might sound weird if we exaggerate using a very strong expression in certain situations. Doing some practice and trying to pick the right word every time will help!

Also, trying to catch how natives use each word is very useful to repeat some typical expressions.

Let’s see the words to use to say beautiful in Italian!

Bello –> beautiful

Molto bello –> very beautiful

Bellissimo –> very beautiful

Splendido –> splendid

Meraviglioso –> marvellous

Stupendo –> gorgeous

Favoloso –> fabulous

Magnifico –> magnificent

how to say beautiful in Italian


Each expression has a different meaning and can be used to say something slightly different, making our language rich and accurate. Depending on what we want to communicate, we can decide to put more emphasis on the quality of what we are describing and use adjectives that correspond to our intention.

So, for example you can say “Roma è bellissima” (Rome is very beautiful) or “Roma è meravigliosa” (Rome is marvellous): changing adjective the intensity of what you say changes as well.

Why don’t you do some practice trying to use different adjectives to describe something or express your opinion? It’s useful to start learning the new words you have just read and get familiar with them!

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