There are many ways to say beautiful in Spanish!

As you may have noticed, the words that we can use to say beautiful in Spanish are a lot and we normally have choice depending on our intentions and on what we refer to. For instance, there are words that we can use to describe only people and others more general, that are ok with people and things.

So it’s important to know which word to use if we want to avoid mistakes and become more accurate when speaking or writing in Spanish.

Let’s have a look!

Bello/bella –> beautiful.

It can be used to described anything beautiful, people, things or places.

Example: La ciudad es muy bella –> The city is very beautiful

Hermoso/hermosa –> beautiful.

It can describe anything and its meaning is wider than “bello” as it might also mean “nice”, “handsome” or” gorgeous” depending on the context.

Example: Ese lugar es hermoso –> This place is beautiful

Bonito/bonita –> nice, pretty.

More common than “bello”, its meaning is less strong. It can describe anything.

Example: Es un bebé muy bonito –> He’s a lovely baby

Guapo/guapa –> handsome.

It normally describes attractive people and has some meaning variations in different parts of the Spanish speaking world.

Example: Era tan guapo que parecía un galán de cine –> He was so handsome he looked like a screen idol

how to say beautiful in Spanish

Bueno/buena –> good/good looking.

In general it means “good”, but if used with the verb estar its meaning changes.

Example: Ella es buena –> She is a good person / Ella está buena –> She is good looking

Precioso/preciosa –> gorgeous.

Normally used with people, things and places.

Example: ¿Verdad que es precioso? –> Isn’t it gorgeous?

Radiante –> radiant.

It can be used not only with people but with things in general.

Example: Esa mañana radiante era perfecta para ir a la playa –> That radiant morning was perfect to go to the beach.

Did you know all these words to say beautiful in Spanish? Can you think of any other words with a similar meaning?

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