Our Italian Beginner Language Courses in London are now online!

Our second week of online Beginner Language Courses in London has been amazing.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 emergency, we are holding our lessons on Zoom, a great platform perfect for educational purposes.

So every evening we access our virtual classes with our students and carry on learning Italian!

Even though some students might not feel confident at the beginning, they quickly realise how good this platform is.

Teachers can share the whiteboard with the class to write words or draw whatever they want.

Also, they can share files, presentations, images…it’s just like a face-to-face class, but from the comfort of your home.

And there is another fantastic function you will enjoy!

Your teacher can split the class in small groups and let students work together using the “breakout rooms”.

Basically, students exit the virtual class and enter separate classes.

When the activity is done, they can go back to the main session in a click!

What students learnt during the second week?

All our Italian Beginner courses keep going!

The Beginner 1 classes practised how to order in a restaurant and learnt useful vocabulary and expressions.

The Beginner 2 classes worked hard on the Passato Prossimo and had a lot of fun with nice activities!

And the Beginner 3 students revised Reflexive verbs and talked about Italians and some common stereotypes.

It was really good!

As usual, they have some homework to do during the week to put into practice what they studied.

Between lessons, it is always possible to access our useful online resources or watch some nice video tutorials.

It’s a great way to spend some time during the quarantine and improve the language!

And now…we are ready for our third week online!