Italian Beginner Course A1.2 (15 hours of frontal lessons)


 Week  Contents

Week 1


Talking about leisure time and how often you do something.

Reflexive verbs and adverbs of frequency (spesso, mai, sempre, qualche volta). The days of the week.

Introduction of possessive adjectives. Talking and writing about your typical day.

Talking about family and asking information about someone else family. Possessive adjectives with family nouns; numbers up to 1000; c’è/ci sono (there is/there are).

Week 2

Describing a place; talking about means of transport; present continuous (stare+gerundio).

Asking and giving directions; asking and giving timetable information. Function “Quanto tempo ci vuole?” (How long does it takes?). Use of “ci” as a pronoun.

Week 3

Giving and asking suggestions about holidays. Informal imperative. Questo and quello (this and that)

Revision. Direct pronouns and asking and giving information about the address. Phonetic [v] and [b]; [p] and [b]; [v] and [f]; [t] and [d].

Week 4

Expressing preferences, likes and dislikes; compound prepositions; verb piacere and indirect pronouns.

Talking about past actions. Past simple (passato prossimo); adverbs of time and past time expressions; some irregular past participles.

Week 5

Talking and writing about past actions; when to use “essere” or “avere” in the passato prossimo construction; relative pronoun: “che”.

Revision and conclusion of beginner level.