During the Beginner 2 course you will talk about your free time, expressing your preference for some hobbies and activities and learning how to agree or disagree with someone. Then you will learn how to book a room in a hotel, ask and give information, making requests if you need something and complaining about the room or some specific services.

After that, you will see how to describe and rent a flat, ask and give directions and talking about opening and closing times of shops.


After a revision of the regular verbs studied in the previous course, you will focus on verbs in -ire. You will go through adverbs of frequency and some prepositions, the verb piacere, c’è/ci sono and the irregular verbs potere, andare, sapere, dovere and venire. Also, you will work on the agreement between noun and adjective.


Starting with hobbies and leisure activities, you will move to study all the vocabulary about months, days of the week, dates and time. You will add the necessary vocabulary about hotels, furniture, common objects, rooms in a house.

Then you will study numbers up to billions and see the words and expressions to ask and give directions.