Are you wondering what is the best Italian artisanal panettone to buy?

If you are tired of industrial panettone and want to discover the best artisanal ones for this Christmas, you have landed at the right page!

In Italy panettone is the most typical Christmas cake and you can find many different versions, from the traditional one to many delicious flavoured types. If you want to read more about panettone follow this link.

Among many amazing hand made cakes, we have selected 5 fantastic products you will love.

Best Italian Artisanal Panettone

Have a look at our top 5!

1 Dolcemascolo

According to the top enogastronomic guide Gambero Rosso this panettone is absolute perfection: soft and humid, with a perfect balance of flavours, made with selected ingredients and skillful hands.

Apart from the classic one, they make other three flavours: chocolate, pears and chocolate and red berries.

2 Iginio Massari

Awarded best Italian pastry chef, Massari makes a very rich and fragrant panettone: full of candied fruit, with a delicious marsala scent. A time travel that will take you back to the past!

3 Opera Waiting

Soft and intensely flavoured, their panettone is made with top quality ingredients and with a very traditional method.

They offer a wide choice of flavours, such as the chocolate and rum or the almond one: if you have a look at their shop you will definitely find your favourite and you can even buy a vegan version!

4 Cannavacciuolo

A flavourful and well balanced panettone made by a 2 Michelin Star chef: he offers four delicious products for any tastes.

Don’t miss the “Vesuvio“, a heart of lemon curd and citrus peel and a white chocolate icing with pieces of dried apricot and the special edition 2021 with coffee and chocolate!. A must-try!

5 Olivieri 1882

Another great artisanal panettone to try: an intense yellow dough that gives birth to 8 different flavoured panettoni. Try the apricot and salted caramel one, very original and the three chocolates type, perfect if you have a very sweet tooth!

Which panettone do you like the most?

You can order all these products online and get them delivered straight to your door in Italy and abroad through the online shops, Amazon or other e-shops!

Enjoy your panettone!


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