Hanging around London we noticed that the number of Italian restaurants is constantly increasing and there is a wide choice of fantastic places to try the authentic Italian cuisine.

We particularly enjoyed 5 of them that show distinctive regional features and offer a fantastic taste experience.

Let’s have a look!

  • Li Veli – situated in Covent Garden, Li Veli is a bistro serving food and wine from Puglia, a region in the South of Italy. We fell in love with this amazing restaurant from the first time, more than a year ago: the traditional recipes are prepared with high quality products that really make the difference. In addition, wine and oil are produced in Puglia in the owners’ typical masseria. Highly recommended!


  • Mattarello Restaurant – if you want to be thrown to Bologna for a delicious break, Mattarello is perfect for you: located in Aldgate (only 2 minutes walk from our office!) this lovely restaurant will surprise you with hand made fresh pasta and tortellini prepared in front of you and served in the most traditional ways. We discovered it by chance last year and we never feel tired of it!


  • Rossodisera – we literally came across this little restaurant serving typical cuisine from Le Marche (region situated in the centre of Italy). It is a hidden treasure in Covent Garden where you can taste great cheese and cured meat boards, but also fantastic mains to match with good wines. And, if you like, you can even buy some products to enjoy at home!


  • San Carlo Cicchetti – it is a gorgeous Venetian style restaurant in the heart of Piccadilly Circus. We experienced it six months ago and loved it for the “cicchetti” concept: small dishes to share and enjoy with our family and friends, similar to the well known Spanish tapas. The menu offers a huge variety of different food and drinks, all great. The elegance of the place and the good service makes it perfect for special occasions.


  • Fratelli La Bufala – if you want to enjoy the fantastic Neapolitan cuisine in different venues around London, this restaurant is a must: its recipes taste like Italy, top ingredients and Italian chefs cuddle you amazingly! If you show your Happy Languages Membercard you can even get 10% off.

Do you have any other Italian restaurants to suggest? We would be very happy to try it!