Wondering what are the best Spanish classes in London at an Upper-Intermediate level?

The best Spanish classes in London are definitely held at Happy Languages!

If you are looking for Upper-Intermediate classes, it means that you have studied a lot of Spanish already.

The Common European Framework of Reference for languages refers to the Upper-Intermediate as B2 level.

Depending on the contents you are familiar with, at Happy Languages you can pick the right course between Upper-Intermediate 1 and Upper-Intermediate 2.

If you check the programme of each course, you will have a clear idea of which one is best.

If you are not totally sure, you can easily check your level with one of our great teachers through an informal chat.

The classes are thought to meet your needs and fit your schedule.

This is why each course takes place once per week from 7pm to 8.30pm and lasts 10 weeks.

You can easily reach our location after work without rushing and enjoy your lesson in our lovely office.

As we understand that it might be difficult for you to attend all the classes, if you miss one you will have the opportunity to catch up online.

After each lesson your teacher will upload the materials used and homework for the following lesson, so you will never get lost!

Which book will you use?

We believe that textbooks and other materials are essential to ensure a high standard course.

Depending on the teacher’s preference and on the student’s needs, you might use different books.

One of the most popular is Aula Internacional 4: have a look here!

The good news is that you will always receive copies of the materials chosen, so you won’t need to buy anything.

And during the Christmas break you can still study Spanish and practice using our fantastic online resources!

Well, you can’t ask for more!

Now you understand why these are the best Spanish classes in London, don’t you?