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Curious to try one of the best Spanish classes in London?

On the 8th December one of the best Spanish Classes in London will take place at Happy Languages: ourΒ Spanish Conversation Class Christmas Edition!

We believe that the Christmas time is magic and the Spanish culture offers a lot of interesting traditions to talk about.

Do you know any of them?

Well, if you don’t you will have the chance to learn some and compare them with yours.

There are so many amazing Christmas traditions to discover!

You will have the chance to share information and opinions, learn new words and practice the language in a relaxed atmosphere, sipping a coffee in our gorgeous venue.

But talking won’t be the only focus of the class!

There is something else in programme and we are pretty sure you will love it.

Apart from talking…you will taste the Spanish Christmas as well!

As in other countries, in Spain Christmas means great food, cakes, sweets and drinks.

Do you know any typical Spanish Christmas treats? There are loads, all amazing!

After your class you will discover fantastic traditional Christmas products very common in Spain and learn more about them.

Your teacher will explain you where the the tradition comes from, when these products are eaten and all the curious stories behind.

And, of course, you will try them all to see how this festivity tastes like in Spain!

If you like them, in London it is even possible to buy Spanish products to spend a traditional Christmas: just follow this link to have a look!

It is a nice way to get close to a culture finding out how people live, eat and celebrate, don’t you think?

Now we are sure you understand why this is one of the best Spanish classes in London!

So what you are waiting for?

Reserve your place for this amazing event!

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