Let’s talk about the best tips to learn a language from scratch!

If you are starting from scratch, it’s important to have a look at the best tips to learn a language: useful advice that will make your learning life easier and fun! Making the right choices is essential if you want to keep your motivation high and move to the next level without too much concern!

On top of a structured plan which will allow you to progress at the right speed, you will need to find nice ways to practise and be exposed to the language you study after your class: this is what will really make the difference, so you will need to put a lot of effort on that!

What to consider before starting?

1 Set your goal

Either if you have a specific reason to start learning a language or you are doing that only for fun, setting a goal is the first thing to do: a clear result to achieve will constantly push you and motivate you.

2 Choose the best learning option

The first thing to consider is how you want to learn, depending on your preference and learning style. For some people group courses are an amazing opportunity, whilst for others one-to-one classes work better. This also depends on your schedule and flexibility, so it’s important to think about which kind of lessons suits you the best.

3 Immerse yourself into the language

Nowadays we have incredible tools at your level to be always exposed to the language and culture we love: apps, books, online resources, podcasts and much more! Look around and pick what you like: this will help you keep motivating and enthusiast!

have a look at the best tips to learn a language

4 Leave your comfort zone 

It doesn’t matter how basic you language skills are: as soon as you can, leave your comfort zone and try to use the language! There are many opportunities to speak the language even in your city: restaurants, shops, language exchanges…you will find the right one for you!

5 Plan a holiday

A fantastic plan to make: a little holiday in a destination that you love, where you can speak the language you are studying! No matter it if’s a short or long term plan, it will definitely push you forward and keep you motivate.


So are you ready to start?

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