What’s the best way to learn Spanish during this lockdown?

At present, online classes are definitely the best way to learn Spanish.

After 30 weeks of lessons on Zoom, we strongly believe that this way of learning has been perfect to suit everybody’s needs.

Meeting online after work has been a good habit to keep and a nice way to have a chat and relax a bit.

Week after week, our Autumn term courses just finished!

How was the last lesson?

Beginner 2. After a very intense course, the last lesson was about a general revision of the main topics learnt: games and activities were the perfect conclusion of the course!

Elementary 3. Our group talked about past habits and situations: using the Pretérito Imperfecto got a bit more familiar and they enjoyed the activities a lot!

Intermediate 2. Our students focused on Pretérito Indefinito or Simple through a popular Spanish song and then went through a number of irregular verbs.

Upper Intermediate 1. In order to revise the use of Pasado Imperfecto and Presente, our students tried to guess how very famous people were in the past looking at some pictures of years ago. It was fun!

Upper intermediate 2. Talking about history gave the opportunity to revise different past tenses and use them mixed together to express different past actions and facts. Fantastic practice!

During Christmas time our online resources are a perfect way to revise some topics and learn something new as well!

Have a lovely break and see you in January!

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