Are you wondering what’s the best way to study Spanish?

If you want to understand what’s the best way to study Spanish, there are many things to consider: from our point of view, attending a course or taking lessons with a professional tutor is the starting point of a language journey.

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Having regular classes is essential to build your competence in the right way and be supported by an experienced teacher who is able to give you advice and provide the best material to use, considering your level and needs.

However, this is not enough!

On top of your classes, there are many extra activities you should do to practise more and improve your Spanish: working on vocabulary is definitely one of the most important!

Learning one new word per week is a great goal to reach!

Our word of the week is “parque”.

As spring approaches, this word seems to be a really good one: “parque” means “park”, the place where you will probably spend lovely weekends with your loved ones for a picnic or a walk.

The word comes from the Latin “parcus“, whose meaning is “enclosure”.

We can use also use this word referring to an amusement park, “parque de atracciones“, to a zoo, “parque zoológico“, or to a national park, “parque nacional“.

discover what's the best way to study spanish

So let’s see some examples with this word!

Spanish English
Esta mañana vamos al parque y luego a la piscina. This morning we are going to the park and then to the swimming pool.
Este pasaporte comprende únicamente la entrada al parque, ya que el billete de transporte es vendido separadamente. This pass only gives
you access to the park, the transport ticket is sold separately.
Este camino va directo al parque. This road goes straight to the park.

Make some sentences that you might use with family and friends, it would be a great practice!

And if you have time to dedicate to your favourite language, enjoy our online resources!


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