Bikram Yoga London is a fantastic yoga studio to try!

Either if you want to start practising yoga or if you are an expert, Bikram Yoga London is the perfect studio for you: it offers warm and hot yoga styles to try at any level and age!

Founded by two yoga lovers with the aim of helping people improve their life and transform themselves, it’s a fantastic place to dedicate some time to yourself.

The common feature of the classes if offers is the heat. Ranging from 35 to 42 degrees depending on the class style, the heat brings several benefits to your session and to your health: your muscles are relaxed, the blood circulation is optimal and you minimise the risk of injuries.

All the teachers are master practitioners in their yoga style, so you can totally rely on their ability to lead you through the sessions and help you when needed. Moreover, the schedule is very well organised so that you can choose among 10 or more sessions each day (in Canary Wharf or Tower Bridge) depending on your availability.

Would you take a 30 days challenge?

The studio hosts this lovely challenge three times per year: 30 hot yoga classes in 30 days to feel stronger and experience many beneficial effects on your body and mind, no matter your level! A very nice way to take it seriously and feel better in a short period of time.

our deal with Bikram Yoga London

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