let's read more about how similar is spanish to italian

How Similar Is Spanish To Italian? Here Are The Main Differences

How similar is Spanish to Italian? This is a very common question among language learners who are about to start learning one of those languages and have already studied the other in the past: understanding what Italian and Spanish have in common can help approach them correctly and consider what to expect in terms of […]

have a look at the best tips to learn a language

Best Tips To Learn A Language From Scratch

Let’s talk about the best tips to learn a language from scratch! If you are starting from scratch, it’s important to have a look at the best tips to learn a language: useful advice that will make your learning life easier and fun! Making the right choices is essential if you want to keep your […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Avere Sette Vite Come Un Gatto Means In Italian

“Avere sette vite come un gatto” is a very popular Italian idiom! If you are learning Italian, you have probably heard the idiom “avere sette vite come un gatto” since people use it quite a lot: it’s an easy expression to learn that finds correspondence in other languages as well, so you might have a […]

watch the amazing The Hunter Season 1 on Channel 4

Discover The Hunter Season 1

Have you come across The Hunter season 1? The Hunter season 1 is now streamed on Channel 4: a great Italian crime thriller set in Palermo in the 1990s, when a team of prosecutors worked incredibly hard to hunt the most dangerous bosses of the loca Mafia. The TV series, based on the book “Cacciatore […]

spanish idiom

What Quedarse Dormido Means In Spanish

“Quedarse dormido” is such a nice Spanish idiom! In Spanish there are many idiomatic expressions with the verb “quedarse” (a reflexive verb which means to stay in a place, not to move away): “quedarse dormido” is one of them, a lovely idiom to learn and use in conversation. So “quedarse” combines with different words to […]

discover if is Italian a hard language to learn

Is Italian A Hard Language To Learn? Yes And No. We Explain Why.

Is Italian a hard language to learn? Many people ask the question “is Italian a hard language to learn?” before starting their classes to try to figure out how much effort they would need to put in order to progress towards their goal. Answering this question is not easy, as a language can’t be defined […]

read more about what's the difference between hispanic and latino

What’s The Difference Between Hispanic And Latino

Wondering what’s the difference between hispanic and latino? If you came across these words and are not sure about what’s the difference between hispanic and latino, we’ll try to clarify what they refer to and when to use them! You might have heard the words hispanic and latino referring to someone without understanding why: for […]

día del trabajador

El Día Del Trabajador: How People Celebrate May Day in Spain

What is the “día del trabajador” in Spain? May Day in Spain is known as El día del trabajador or Primero de Mayo and was celebrated for the first time in 1889: its origin is the same as the International Labour Day, the worker revolt in Chicago in 1886. For the first Labor Day celebration, socialists […]

discover how to obtain the Italian citizenship

How To Obtain Italian Citizenship?

Looking for more information about how to apply for the Italian citizenship? Applying for the Italian citizenship is quite a complex procedure as it includes many steps to take and documents to be handed in at the right time. First of all, there are different paths to take depending on the specific situation: some people […]

liberation day

Italy’s Liberation Day: How Italians Celebrate the 25th April

What’s the Liberation Day celebrated in Italy on the 25th April? The 25th April is an important date in Italy: it is the Liberation Day, which means the Anniversary of the Liberation, an Italian public holiday celebrated all over the country to commemorate the end of the nazi occupation of Italy on the 25th April […]

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