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What Ponerse Verde Means In Spanish

Let’s learn a new Spanish idiomatic expression: ponerse verde! Have you ever found the idiom “ponerse verde” or heard it from someone? Idioms are not easy to catch when we don’t know them: in this case we have an expression with a colour, which is not easy to interpret . What would that colour mean? […]

what grazie in italian means

What Grazie Means In Italian

How do we use “grazie” in Italian? “Grazie” in Italian is one of the most common words that we say every day and even if you have never studied the language, you might have learnt it on holiday or speaking with your Italian friends, as well as some greeting and other words that we say […]

learn the word salute in Italian

What Salute Means In Italian

Have you heard the word “salute” in Italian? Salute in Italian is a common word that you might have heard in different situations, especially when you go out with your Italian friends or you celebrate something with your family: when we toast, the word that we say is “salute!”. Also, you can hear “alla salute”, […]

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What Avere Il Sangue Blu Means In Italian

Do you know the Italian idiom “avere il sangue blu“? You might have already come across “avere il sangue blu” as it is a popular idiomatic expression, one of those that we commonly use when we speak. However it’s not easy to catch its meaning, so, in order to understand it, it is necessary to […]

how to say how are you in italian

How To Say How Are You In Italian

Have you already learnt how to say how are you in Italian? Learning how to say how are you in Italian is one of the first things to go through as a student! After the main greetings, asking that is important to start a simple conversation and be polite. In all the languages there are […]


Where Ferragosto Comes From

Have you ever heard of the Italian holiday named Ferragosto? Ferragosto is the most important summer holiday in Italy, celebrated on the 15th of August. But if you ask an Italian what they celebrate on that day, the answers could be different: an ancient Roman tradition, a religious holiday or the beginning of middle summer holidays. […]

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What Pasar La Noche En Blanco Means In Spanish

“Pasar la noche en blanco” is such a nice idiom! “Pasar la noche en blanco” is one of those idioms with colours: in Spanish it’s very common to use colours in idiomatic expressions! It might be difficult to understand their meaning if you don’t have a similar idiom in your language: colours express something specific, […]

how to say I love you in Italian

How To Say I Love You In Italian

Have you ever said I love you in Italian? If you have an Italian partner you probably know how to say I love you in Italian, or you might have heard this expression watching a movie. However, it’s important to distinguish between two ways of saying that, as they are used in different situations. Basically, […]

how to say goodbye in Italian

How To Say Goodbye In Italian

Let’s learn how to say goodbye in Italian! There are many ways to say goodbye in Italian depending on the situation and it’s worth learning all of them to be able to use the right expression. One of the differences between expression is the level of formality required: for example, in Italian we use a […]

learn all the days of the week in Spanish

The Days Of The Week In Spanish

Do you know the days of the week in Spanish? The days of the week in Spanish are an important topic that we introduce at a beginner level: they are among those essential words to make plans and talk about your week, so it’s really important to go through them and memorise their names. Because […]