El Señor de los Milagros Peruvian Holiday

A Lovely Peruvian Tradition: El Señor de los Milagros

Do you know how important El Señor de los Milagros is in Perù? El Señor de los Milagros (the Lord of the Miracles) is the most important catholic holiday for Peruvians and the biggest event in Lima: a month long celebration taking place every October and culminating with a massive procession through the city centre. […]

how to say please in Italian

How To Say Please In Italian

How can we say please in Italian? As you can imagine there are many expressions to say please in Italian: sometimes they are interchangeable, so they have almost the same meaning and use, in some other cases they differ in terms of context and level of formality. Please is one of the first words that […]

the story of Little Italy in London

Little Italy In London

Do you know where little Italy in London is? Little Italy in London is a very important area for all those Italians who arrived in this city in different periods: also known as Italian Hill or Italian Quarter, its boundaries are Farringdon Road, Clerkenwell Road and Rosebery Avenue. Firstly Italians migrated to London during the […]

learn how to say I love you in Spanish

How To Say I Love You In Spanish

Do you know how to say I love you in Spanish? If you want to say I love you in Spanish, there are many expressions that you can use. And if you have a Spanish partner, family and friends, this is quite an important phrase to learn! As for other languages, there are different ways […]

how to say beautiful in Italian

How To Say Beautiful In Italian

Are you wondering how to say beautiful in Italian? There are many ways to say beautiful in Italian, depending on the situation and on what you want to express. Learning different words is important to have a good vocabulary to use when necessary. It also makes the conversation more natural, as natives normally use many […]

how people celebrate the Fiestas de San Lucas in Spain

Fiestas De San Lucas: Discover A Lovely Spanish Tradition

Have you ever taken part in the Fiestas de San Lucas in Jaén? The Fiestas de San Lucas is one of the traditional celebrations dedicated to a saint patron, very common throughout Spain: a fantastic event to discover the authentic local culture and do what Spaniards do! This celebration takes place in October in Jaén, […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Costare Un Occhio Della Testa Means In Italian

Costare un occhio della testa is a popular Italian idiom!  If you heard “costare un occhio della testa” you might have wondered what it means: often idioms are not straight forward and we need to go beyond the single words to catch their meaning. Considering how much Italians use idiomatic expressions in everyday spoken language, […]

spanish idiom

What Ponerse Verde Means In Spanish

Let’s learn a new Spanish idiomatic expression: ponerse verde! Have you ever found the idiom “ponerse verde” or heard it from someone? Idioms are not easy to catch when we don’t know them: in this case we have an expression with a colour, which is not easy to interpret . What would that colour mean? […]

what grazie in italian means

What Grazie Means In Italian

How do we use “grazie” in Italian? “Grazie” in Italian is one of the most common words that we say every day and even if you have never studied the language, you might have learnt it on holiday or speaking with your Italian friends, as well as some greeting and other words that we say […]

learn the word salute in Italian

What Salute Means In Italian

Have you heard the word “salute” in Italian? Salute in Italian is a common word that you might have heard in different situations, especially when you go out with your Italian friends or you celebrate something with your family: when we toast, the word that we say is “salute!”. Also, you can hear “alla salute”, […]