have a look at 7 tips to learn Spanish fast

7 Tips To learn Spanish Fast

Have a look at our 7 tips to learn Spanish fast! If you want to learn Spanish or have already started and are wondering how to speed up the learning process a bit, our 7 tips to learn Spanish fast will help you understand how to approach this fantastic experience. Studying a new language is […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Darsela A Gambe Means In Italian

“Darsela a gambe” is a funny Italian idiom, have you ever heard it? When it comes to idioms, Italians know how to surprise you: the Italian language has plenty of amazing, meaningful idioms to learn and use as much as possible to sound like a native and “darsela a gambe” is a perfect example of […]

let's learn some basic Italian words

50 Basic Italian Words To Learn

Ready to learn some basic Italian words? If you are planning a holiday in Italy or travelling for work, learning some basic Italian words is very useful to be able to communicate in daily situations where you might need to use the Italian language. Besides, showing a little knowledge of the language would be much […]

learn some Italian food words

Italian Food Words: How To Order At Italian Restaurants

Learning some Italian food words is really useful! If you have started learning the language and are planning a lovely holiday in Italy, adding some Italian food words to your vocabulary will make you able to order at restaurants without problems. This simple activity will give you the chance to improve your language and interact […]

on the 2nd June in Italy they celebrate La festa della Repubblica

Festa della Repubblica: Let’s Celebrate The Italian Republic

Do you understand what Festa della Repubblica means? The Festa della Repubblica is an important Italian national holiday celebrated on the 2nd June. It was estabilished to remember the birth of the Italian Republic. The 2nd June has not been chosen by chance: it is the date of the national referendum which took place in […]

Top 10 Italian language movies to watch

Italian Language With Movies. Top 10 Italian Films For Language learners

Italian language movies are a great challenge for every student! If you are learning Italian, watching Italian language movies is a very enjoyable way to improve your skills and motivate yourself! Obviously it’s quite a complex activity: the speed is not controlled and the language might be influenced by local dialects, which makes everything even […]

let's read more about how similar is spanish to italian

How Similar Is Spanish To Italian? Here Are The Main Differences

How similar is Spanish to Italian? This is a very common question among language learners who are about to start learning one of those languages and have already studied the other in the past: understanding what Italian and Spanish have in common can help approach them correctly and consider what to expect in terms of […]

have a look at the best tips to learn a language

Best Tips To Learn A Language From Scratch

Let’s talk about the best tips to learn a language from scratch! If you are starting from scratch, it’s important to have a look at the best tips to learn a language: useful advice that will make your learning life easier and fun! Making the right choices is essential if you want to keep your […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Avere Sette Vite Come Un Gatto Means In Italian

“Avere sette vite come un gatto” is a very popular Italian idiom! If you are learning Italian, you have probably heard the idiom “avere sette vite come un gatto” since people use it quite a lot: it’s an easy expression to learn that finds correspondence in other languages as well, so you might have a […]

watch the amazing The Hunter Season 1 on Channel 4

Discover The Hunter Season 1

Have you come across The Hunter season 1? The Hunter season 1 is now streamed on Channel 4: a great Italian crime thriller set in Palermo in the 1990s, when a team of prosecutors worked incredibly hard to hunt the most dangerous bosses of the loca Mafia. The TV series, based on the book “Cacciatore […]

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