Italian idiomatic expression

What Avere Sale In Zucca Means In Italian

Italians often use the idiom “avere sale in zucca”, do you know what it means? It’s not easy to translate “avere sale in zucca” as words don’t have a literal meaning: sometimes idioms are a bit cryptic because of this and it’s necessary to find out the meaning and learn them as they are! We […]

spanish idiom

What Perro Ladrador, Poco Mordedor Means In Spanish

Have you ever heard the idiom “perro ladrador, poco mordedor” in Spanish? “Perro ladrador, poco mordedor” is a nice idiom that we can find in other languages, so it will be particularly easy to use. Adding some idiomatic expression to your vocabulary is also a great idea to be able to speak with natives, understand […]

read more about Eataly in London

Discover Eataly In London

Curious to discover Eataly in London? Eataly in London is officially open and ready to welcome you with amazing Italian food and drinks! Eataly was founded in 2007 in Italy by Oscar Farinetti, who created a real paradise for food lovers: amazing restaurants and shops gathered in one fabulous venue to have the opportunity to […]

teaching Italian as a foreign language with different student's profiles

Teaching Italian In Italy: A Students’ Overview

Teaching Italian as a foreign language is always challenging! When you start teaching Italian as a foreign language in Italy you realise that the same job can be very different depending on the type of students you have: each target requires a specific preparation and a thorough knowledge of the student’s profile. This is why […]

tips to discover how to learn to speak Spanish fast

Tips To Learn Spanish Fast

Find out more about how to learn to speak Spanish fast: there are lovely activities to practise and improve your language skills day by day!