discover yuri yoga in london

Discover Our Outstanding Deal With Yuri Yoga

Discover our outstanding deal with Yuri Yoga! Yuri Yoga is a lovely project: Yuri is an accredited yoga teacher working in London who has developed her unique teaching style through her experience. Since 2009, Yuri teaches groups and private classes in South East London, mixing Hatha, Astanga and Vinyasa and offering pre and post-natal yoga […]

read more about why is Carnival in Spain celebrated

Why Is Carnival In Spain Celebrated

Wondering why is Carnival in Spain celebrated? If you don’t know why is Carnival in Spain celebrated, you will enjoy the history that led us to the modern celebrations. As in other countries, Carnival is the period just before Lent: a time of the year when all the excesses are tolerated as after that, during […]

Spanish Carnival Words

The Most Popular Words of Carnival In Spanish

Have you already learnt some words of Carnival during your Spanish language course? During this time of the year any Spanish language focuses on Carnival! It is quite an important festivity all around Spain: you can discover the best celebrations here. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all the events will follow the rules in place, […]

our deal with Bikram Yoga London

Discover Our Amazing Deal With Bikram Yoga London

Bikram Yoga London is a fantastic yoga studio to try! Either if you want to start practising yoga or if you are an expert, Bikram Yoga London is the perfect studio for you: it offers warm and hot yoga styles to try at any level and age! Founded by two yoga lovers with the aim […]

find out more about the history of Italian Carnival

Discover The History Of Italian Carnival

How much do you know about the history of Italian Carnival? The history of Italian Carnival is really interesting: this festivity in Italy dates back to the Romans, who used to celebrate pagan rituals in honour of Saturn and to go down the streets singing and praising him. During the celebrations, people could mix all […]

carnival sweets

Carnival Sweets in Italy

Have you tried Italian Carnival sweets? The Italian Carnival sweets are really delicious! Carnival in Italy is a fun celebration: people dress up (especially children) and go around the cities throwing carnival confetti or taking part in funny parades. But it is also the time of the year when people like cooking nice and tasty sweets. Have a look at […]

what to do in London for Valentine's day 2022

How To Spend Valentine’s Day 2022 In London

Any plan for Valentine’s Day 2022 in London? London offers a great variety of options to spend a fantastic Valentine’s Day 2022: you just need to take your time and go through hundreds events and lovely ideas to spend some quality time with your partner. Depending on your tastes, you can find romantic bars and […]

famous Spanish phrases to learn

Discover Some Famous Spanish Phrases

There are loads of lovely famous Spanish phrases! If you are learning Spanish and trying to practise as much as possible, you might have come across amazing phrases reading a book or watching a movie: many famous authors and film directors have become even more famous because of some quotes taken from their major works, […]

a chat with Ilaria Gaspari

Live Streaming: A Chat With Ilaria Gaspari – 11th February 7pm (Italy time)

Don’t miss our live streaming with Ilaria Gaspari on the 11th February at 7pm (Italy time)! Ilaria Gaspari is a popular Italian author with a very peculiar background: she graduated in Philosophy and gained a PhD at Sorbonne University in Paris. This academic path led her to a very different career though. After her PhD, […]

carnival in italy

Carnival In Italy

Carnival is a festivity celebrated in catholic countries. The period of Carnival corresponds with the days before the Lent, and it finishes on the the Mardi Grass. In Italy there is a long tradition about Carnival and every city has its own parades. Let’s see together the most famous! The Carnival of Venezia: known all around […]