Carnevale DI Venezia

Carnevale Di Venezia : A Feast For The Eyes

Heading to Italy to celebrate the Carnevale di Venezia? The Carnevale di Venezia is a very ancient tradition: the first evidence is dated back to the 11th century, whilst it is mentioned in the first official document in 1296 A.D. The Doge and the Venetian oligarchies encouraged the Carnival celebrations to allow the lower classes […]

Carnival de Rio

Rio de Janeiro: A Spectacular Carnival

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is by far the most popular in the world. The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro perfectly embodies the spirit of this festivity. Since Brazil is a very catholic country, people during the Carnival enjoy all those pleasures that will be totally forbidden during the 40 days of Lent. The […]

our deal with Delfin English School

Discover Our Lovely Deal With Delfin English School

Delfin English School is the perfect place to improve your English! Delfin English School is a lovely school in Dublin where you can find all the courses you need to learn English in a fun environment, becoming a real “Delfiner”! They offer a variety of general English classes to help you find the perfect combination. […]

spanish idiom

What No Entender Ni Papa Means In Spanish

When can we use the Spanish idiom “no entender ni papa”? If you have already heard the expression “no entender ni papa” you might have an idea of the meaning: it is one of the several idioms with food that are extremely common in Spanish. However, using food in idiomatic expressions sometimes means saying something […]

some lovely Italian funny phrases

Discover Some Italian Funny Phrases

There are a lot of Italian funny phrases you will love! If you are learning Italian and want to discover ways to say that natives use, you will enjoy some Italian funny phrases that sound very hilarious when translated and give you an insight in some aspects of the Italian culture. Most of the time, […]

a chat with Matteo Cavezzali

Live Streaming: A Chat With Matteo Cavezzali – 4th February 7pm (Italy time)

Follow our live chat with Matteo Cavezzali on the 4th February at 7pm (Italy time)! Matteo Cavezzali is an Italian author who already won two important book prizes in 2019 with his first book (Premio Comisso e il Premio Volponi Opera Prima/Premio Stefano Tassinari). His peculiar interest for unique personalities led him to deepen his […]

discover the Italian music festival Sanremo 2022

Sanremo Music Festival 2022

Are you waiting for Sanremo 2022? Sanremo 2022 is just around the corner: the 72nd edition of this amazing music festival is starting on the 1st February and taking place for 5 days, until the 5th February. Since it’s the most important music event in Italy, Italians are always excited about it! If you are […]

Basic Spanish phrases to learn

Let’s Learn Some Basic Spanish Phrases

Ready to learn some useful basic Spanish phrases? Learning some basic phrases can be useful to start approaching the language and be able to speak a little Spanish when travelling. If you are wondering where to start from, normally the first things to say in a foreign language are all those questions and information for […]

Italian idiomatic expression

What Passare La Notte In Bianco Means In Italian

Do you know what “passare la notte in bianco” means in Italian? In some situations you might have heard someone using the Italian idiom “passare la notte in bianco”: if you translate, you can easily understand the first part of this idiomatic expressions, but what about “in bianco”? What do we refer to? As usual, […]

our deal with the Italian Bookshop in London

Discover Our Lovely Deal With The Italian Bookshop

Have you ever been to the Italian Bookshop in London? If you are a language lover, you have probably been to the Italian Bookshop many times: a cosy little bookshop in Gloucester Road where you can find a great selection of Italian books. Located in the European Bookshop, you will find it as part of […]