useful tips for your new year language resolution

Your New Year Language Learning Resolutions: 5 Tips To Succeed

As 2022 has just started, what’s your new year language resolution? If you are passionate about languages, we bet your new year language resolution is already set! A lot of people start the year with clear language goals to be pursued month after month. Obviously motivations can vary quite a lot, so it’s important to […]

let's learn some beautiful Italian phrases

Let’s Learn Some Beautiful Italian Phrases

Happy to learn some beautiful Italian phrases? If you want to go through beautiful Italian phrases to learn and use when speaking Italian, you will be happy to know that we have selected some for you! Either if you are looking for a phrase to impress someone or if you just enjoy the Italian language […]

our deal with the Italian deli bellavita

Discover Our Lovey Deal With Bellavita

Have you already shopped at the Italian deli Bellavita? The Italian deli Bellavita is a lovely shop closed to Tower Hill where you can find a great variety of Italian products to buy, carefully selected from the best Italian producers. At Bellavita they pay a lot of attention to the freshness of the food and […]

great places to try for veganuary 2022 in London

Veganuary 2022: Our Top 5 Vegan Experiences In London

Wondering where to eat for Veganuary 2022 in London? There is plenty of amazing places to try for Veganuary 2022 in London: if you have made your vegan choice to start the new year and detox after the Christmas break, London is definitely the place to be! Even though restaurants and bars offer plant-based options […]

learn some vocabulary about food in Spanish

Let’s Learn Food In Spanish

Do you know some vocabulary about food in Spanish? Learning food in Spanish is essential to be able to order in a restaurant, go shopping when in Spain and follow traditional recipes in the original language. Also, food is really central in the Spanish culture, so people love cooking, eating together and, of course, talking […]

discover our deal with the Italian Patisserie Dolce London

Discover Our Fantastic Deal With Dolce London

Have you already tried the Italian Patisserie Dolce London? The Italian Patisserie Dolce London is a fantastic online business founded in 2017 by Serena De Filippis, Italian pastry chef who moved to London to make her dream come true. After doing some important work experiences and getting the Diplôme de Pâtisserie at Le Cordon Bleu, […]

read some nice Italian phrases about love

Italian Phrases About Love

Do you want to learn some Italian phrases about love? There are many popular Italian phrases about love to send to your partner or share with people you love: some are just general phrases to express your love and affection, others are written by Italian authors and then there are some that have been translated […]

The Befana Tradition in Italy

The Befana Tradition in Italy

Do you know who the Befana is? During the night between the 5th and the 6th January, all the children in Italy wait for the Befana to arrive in the houses and leave presents, sweets or sweet coal. But who is the Befana and why she gives sweets in the night of Epiphany? This old woman riding a broom […]

three magic kings

The Festival of the Three Magic Kings in Spain

Do you know who the Three Magic Kings are? Differently from other Christmas traditions, in Spain the most important festival for children is the Fiesta de Los tres Reyes Magos (Festival of the Three Magic Kings) on January 6, also known as Epiphany. Christmas Day is also celebrated as in the whole Christian world but […]


Nochevieja: The Best Spanish New Year’s Eve Traditions

Nochevieja in Spain is a magic time of the year. As you probably know, Nochevieja is the New Year’s Eve in Spanish. It literally means “old night” and it is celebrated with a number of traditions and superstitions that are believed to bring luck. On the 31st December and 1st January, every year people keep […]