Discover Mexico

Mexico is a very wide country, with 115 millions of inhabitants: that means that one out of four Spanish speaking people is Mexican! But the importance of Mexico is not just in these numbers. Over two thousand years, Mexico has been the cradle of numerous pre-Columbian civilizations, and that’s the reason why it has such an […]

Talk it live it

Coffee Benefits

The Espresso was born to satisfy the need to get coffee in a short time: in Italian, indeed, the word “espresso” means “fast”, so the goal would be to make almost simultaneous the preparation and the consumption. Over the past two centuries, few substances have been studied as much as coffee. Nobody has shown that […]

Spanish Restaurant London

Spanish Restaurants in London

If you just started learning Spanish, and you want to totally embrace the Spanish culture, you might want to taste its food! So, what we’ll try to do here is a small list of Spanish restaurants or pubs in London where you can enjoy its flavours. Of course we haven’t been to all the Spanish […]

Museo del Cinema

Spanish Cinema

During the 70s and 80s, the Spanish cinema wasn’t that good, because there were no good ideas neither good directors, and the techniques were poor (except for the social satire of Luis García Berlanga, and the art-film of Víctor Erice). An exceptional figure contributed to change this panorama: we are talking, of course, about Pedro […]

Italian Gestures

Non-Verbal Communication in Language Teaching

According to the common sense, language is considered in itself only as verbal language, meaning “made of words”. Indeed, the concept of language is far more extensive The term indicates “a form of communicative behaviour apt to transmit information and to create an interactional relation that utilize symbols having an identical value for the individuals […]

Umberto Boccioni

Back to the Future

We get on the time machine and get carried futuristic era of Polibibita (cocktail) of the early twentieth century! The futuristic movement of painters, writers, inventors of the contemporary age who created excitement and amazed people with their art… Outside the box… And how could not be through new cocktails arousing stunning emotions! Marinetti said: […]

Learn Italian in Sicily

Discover Cefalù

Cefalù is a small town 70 km from Palermo, in Sicily. It is situated at the feet of a rocket promontory and it has less than 15.000 inhabitants, but in summertime tourists triplicate that number. The town is famous for its cultural, historical and artistic values, that’s why it is considered one of the most […]

Italian Aperitivo

Spritz Time

An Italian tradition getting more and more common in recent years, that makes the aperitif the most interesting moment of the day, is absolutely the Spritz time! In a glamorous Milan and in the other major cities around Italy, many young people look for the various American bars around the city for this unforgettable ritual! […]

Italian Aperitivo


Dear HAPPY Students and HAPPY Friends, We are glad to invite you to a very special night Friday 8th of May from 6.00 pm: HAPPY Hour with Italian aperitivo plus a workshop about the most famous Italian Cocktails: Negroni Aperol Spritz Campari Spritz Negroni Sbagliato Americano Mimosa Bellini Our Cocktails expert will be more than […]

Italian Teacher Workshop

Space Management in Language Teaching

In modern language teaching one of the most important aspects which teachers must consider is the space management. Space management is not only related with the simple arrangement of the students (in a semicircle, small groups), but also to the way the students occupy the space during our activities. If we assume that our students […]