find out more about coffee and stereotypes

Coffee and Stereotypes in Italy

What’s the relation between coffee and stereotypes in Italy? If we talk about coffee and stereotypes, the first thing that comes to our mind is that “Italians can’t live without coffee!”. As a matter of fact… That is totally true! But how many different types are there? Those who have been in Italy at least […]


HAPPY Polenta

Dear Happy Students and Friends, Is summer time in London and we would be delighted to have all of you at our next HAPPY Polenta Aperi-Cena, at La Polenteria, in the heart of Soho. A brand new Italian Venue specialized in Polenta typical dish from North Italy. Thursday 12th June 2014 6.00 pm La Polenteria, 64 […]

World' s Cup

Fifa World Cup 2014

All the world is waiting for it! Fifa World Cup is the most anticipated sporting event among the fans and everyone is ready to cheer their national football team. It will be the 20th FIFA World Cup, from 12th June to 13th July 2014, taking place in Brazil. It is the second time that Brazil has […]

what teaching a second language means

Teaching a Second Language

What does teaching a second language mean? Teaching a second language is one of the most exciting experiences that a person can live during his/her life. Bringing people and culture together, spreading your own language abroad or to foreigners in your country makes you a different person. First of all you have to fall in […]


HAPPY Spritz Party

Dear Happy Students and Friends, Summer is almost there and we would be really HAPPY to spend another amazing night with all of you. If you Fancy a perfect Spritz accompanied by authentic Italian pizza and Italian delicatessen join us on Friday 23rd of May at Gastronomia La Delizia. From6.00 pm. A party to practice your language […]

what is the difference between change and chance

Difference between Change and Chance

Have you ever realised how little the difference between change and chance in English? The difference between change and chance doesn’t exist in Chinese, as a single word, -WEIJI-, mean both “crisis” and “opportunity”. Italian, Spanish and French use two different words. In Italian crisi and cambiamento; in Spanish crisis and cambio; in French crise […]

some common stereotypes about italians

Stereotypes about Italians

What are the most common stereotypes about Italians? When we think of stereotypes about Italians, there are some very common things that come to our mind: spaghetti, gesture, musical accent, fashion and many more. Let’s see what is true and what is false. Ready? Italians cannot live without pasta and they eat it everyday. ABSOLUTELY […]

Hispanophone World

Differences between Spanish in Spain and Latin America

More than 400 million people speak Spanish as their mother tongue. More than 300 million are in Latin America. The differences between the Spanish of Spain and the Spanish of Latin America are analogous to the differences between British and American English. People from Spanish-speaking countries can communicate each other as easily as English-speaking people […]

Ten places to visit in Calabria

Ten Places to Visit in Calabria

Have you got any plans for this summer? What do you think about making an alternative tour and visit Calabria? If you want to visit Calabria, here you have 10 amazing places to choose. Let’s start the tour! 1) Morano. If you want to lose your way in the labyrinth of its alleys to reach the […]


Aperitivo Pugliese

Dear Happy Students, April is coming. That’s why we would like to have the pleasure to celebrate the Happy Easter with you! Thursday 17th April 2014 from 6.00 pm we will be at the Restaurant L’Orecchietta, so don’t miss the opportunity to taste the real flavours coming from Apulia! As usual you’ll find the best […]