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What Ser Uña Y Carne Means In Spanish

Do you know what “ser uña y carne” means? “Ser uña y carne” is a new Spanish idiomatic expression to add to your vocabulary! Learning idioms is very important in order to progress and get more familiar with the language. Native speakers use idioms all the time, so the more you learn the better: some […]

new year traditions

Top 5 Italian New Year Traditions

It’s time to discover some amazing New Year traditions! The New Year deserves a big celebration and Italians generally do it properly, with lovely New Year traditions. It starts on the 31st December with the New Year’s Eve and goes on the day after with a wonderful lunch and many ancient traditions that make it […]

santo stefano

Where Santo Stefano Comes From

Do you know what Santo Stefano is in Italy? You probably know that after the big Christmas celebration, on the 26th December in Italy people have another important holiday: Santo Stefano. It is a Christian festivity dedicated to the first martyr, Stefano, who preach the word of God and converted many people to Christianity. For […]

Christmas in Spain

Christmas in Spain: Discover Some Lovely Traditions

Do you know anything about Christmas in Spain? If you are going to celebrate Christmas in Spain, you will spend an amazing time. As in many other countries, in Spain Christmas is a fantastic period of the year. So how do Spanish celebrate? Well, first of all you have to be aware that Christmas starts […]

dinner in italy

Christmas Eve Dinner in Italy

One of the most important Christmas traditions in Italy is the so called Cenone on the Christmas Eve. “Cenone” literally means big dinner, so you can easily imagine how abundant and tasteful it is! The Christmas Eve, within the Catholic religion, is one of the most sacred moment of the year; that is why originally […]

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Discover Our Amazing Deal With Eat ViTA

Have you already enjoyed Eat ViTA Italian Shop? Eat ViTA Italian Shop is the perfect online store for all those who love the Italian products and want to feel in Italy: they offer a variety of selected food and wines and once you’ve shopped with them, you won’t be able to live without their top […]

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Top Ten Christmas Markets in Spain

Have you ever visited some Christmas Markets in Spain? As in many other countries, in Spain Christmas Markets are an important tradition and every year attract a huge crowd of tourists. Let’s see what are the ten best markets in the country! Fira de Santa Llúcia. Considered the best Christmas market in Barcelona, it is […]

Discover Christmas market in Bolzano

Back to the past: the Christmas Market in Bolzano

If you want to live the enchanting Christmas atmosphere in Italy, you can’t miss the traditional Christmas Market in Bolzano! This amazing Christmas market opens from the 26th November to the 6th January in Piazza Walther, which is amazingly decorated with a very big Christmas tree and a Nativity Scene. The first market opened 25 […]

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Discover Our Fantastic Deal With Ombra

The lovely Ombra Italian restaurant is waiting for you! If you have not discovered Ombra Italian restaurant  yet, it’s time to try it: in the heart of Hackney, this beautiful restaurant on the canal-side is perfect for an aperitivo with friends or for a delicious meal. Inspired to the Venetian bacari, little typical restaurants that […]

some lovely pasta recipes for Christmas

Discover Some Italian Christmas Pasta Recipes

Are you looking for the best pasta recipes for Christmas? There are many traditional pasta recipes perfect for a proper Italian Christmas lunch: some are very popular among Italians all over the world, others are more regional and less known but equally delicious! Normally each region has a local tradition and sometimes different cities in […]