Are you tired of living in the UK? Do you want to learn a new language, and know a different culture?

In few words, do you want to move abroad?

Many British at some point of their life decide to move abroad, maybe in a place with a wormer weather, maybe somewhere where they can eat always well and learn new awesome recipes to astonish their friends, maybe in a city where wherever you look there’s a cultural and historical point of interest.

All this can be found in Italy!

Now, have you already taken the decision to move to Italy but you haven’t decided where to yet?

We think that this depends on what is your aspiration to do once you are there.

If you are a city animal, you have many chances to choose.

In the North you have the “concrete jungle” of Milan, financial metropolis, capital of fashion: you will never get bored in Milan, and you will be able to find a job according to your skills.

Italians have an awkward relationship with Milan: many of them love it, but many others hate it; that’s because it is a city with traffic, pollution and busy people running all day, but it is also the most organized city and the one that offers the most, in terms of culture and carrier.

Another city in the North of Italy where foreigners love to move to is Venice, for its unique landscapes and breath-taking streets and canals, and its way of being the one and only city built entirely on the water.

In the Centre of Italy, you could move to the amazing Florence! City of Dante, and cradle of the Renaissance, where many poets and writers remained speechless in front of its panoramas.

Otherwise, you might like to live in the animated Bologna, the student city that hosts the oldest University of the world and location of many cultural events and institutions.

You would love Rome, it’s known as “la magica” (the magic), and your eyes will literally be full of wonderful places in every corner.

Rome, though, is always messy and crowded, and you can easily find locals complaining about the traffic, the lack of parking and inadequate transports.

And now let’s talk about the South: it is a controversial spot, everyone literally LOVE the South of Italy, its colours, its food, its people, but it can be not easy to live there if you’re used to organized and serviceable places.

Naples is an amazing city, but it’s like an “independent” city, and Italians remain confused too while being in Naples: it’s an incredible city, but you should really visit it to understand what we mean!

We have found a blog where you can read some interviews of expat people who decided to live in Italy and who are sharing their experiences:

Have a look to get a better idea of where to move to and then…enjoy Italy!