Do you want to start some business Italian lessons?

If you need to learn the language for work, taking business Italian lessons is definitely a good idea.

Nowadays more and more companies have offices in Italy and travelling regularly is quite common.

Therefore a lot of professionals need to speak Italian at a good level and to learn some business Italian related to their field.

What’s the best way to start?

One-to-one lessons are the best way to reach your language goals.

Having a tutor who can plan your lessons according to your specific requests will make everything very smooth.

If you want, you could study with some colleagues who are willing to learn Italian.

It could be very good for your motivation!

Also, as you might travel together and take part in the same meetings, sharing this learning experience would be beneficial.

Where shall you start from?

If you have never studied Italian before, you need to start from the beginning: learning the basics is essential!

Once you have learnt the basis and built a bit of confidence, your tutor will guide you through a more specialistic language.

In order to do that, your teacher will choose the best textbooks and materials and suggest you how to progress.

Studying between lessons and trying to be as exposed to the language as possible is very important!

So your tutor will give you homework and recommend some extra activities to do.

Learning business Italian is challenging but very rewarding!

Are you ready to start your business Italian lessons?