Have you tried the Italian Caponata?

Caponata is a traditional Sicilian side dish: simple ingredients mixed together for an amazing sweet and sour flavour.

There are many slightly different recipes depending on the city where it is made.

Every city in Sicily has its own version!

Do you know where its name comes from?

It might come from “capone“, a type of fish that used to be prepared in a sweet and sour sauce for aristocrats and wealthy families.

The humble class replaced fish with aubergines and made this simple, tasty dish.

Another story says that its name comes from the latin word “caupona“, the ancient “tavern” where fishermen used to gather after work to eat something simple.

Alternatively, it might come from the greek word “capto“, which means “cut”.

Let’s see how to prepare it!

The ingredients you need are:

3 melanzane –> 3 aubergines

1 cipolla –> 1 onion

100 g di sedano –> 100 g of celery

due cucchiai di capperi dissalati–> 2 spoons of desalted capers

150 g di concentrato di pomodoro –> 150 g of tomato purée

200 g di olive verdi–> 200 g of green olives

40 g di pinoli –> 40 g of pine nuts

100 g di zucchero –> 100 g of sugar

1 bicchiere di aceto bianco –> 1 glass of white vinegar

basilico –> basil

olio extravergine di oliva –> extra virgin olive oil

sale –> salt

Cut the aubergines in dices, fry them in extra virgin olive oil and let them dry on some paper.

Cut the onion and cook it on low heat until brown.

Cut the celery in little dices, boil it, drain it and add it to the onion.

In the same pan put green olives and capers, pine nuts, tomato purée, sugar, white vinegar, salt,  some water and let cook for around 30 minutes.

Add the fried aubergines, cook 10 minutes and your caponata is ready!

Let it cool down until cold and serve it with some good bread.

Bon appetit!

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