Ready to celebrate Carnival 2020 in Italy?

Carnival 2020 in Italy offers amazing events to enjoy the atmosphere and discover lovely traditions.

Apart from the most famous events, there are loads of traditional celebrations around Italy to discover this year!

Let’s see some lovely celebrations for 2020!

Milano. The Carnevale Ambrosiano dei Ragazzi in Milan is prepared by young boys and girls and their families, who make costumes, masks, choreographies and much more for a big parade which will take place on the 29th February.

Every year the Carnival turns around a specific theme: this year it is the climate.

Bagolino. A very traditional Carnival in a small and village on top of the mountains.

Every year the village is filled with the traditional Balarì (dancers) accompanied by violinists in their ancient costumes.

Dancers and violinists go around the village, play their unique popular music and dance for family and friends.

In return they get something to eat or to drink or, alternatively, a free offer to pay the communal dinner.

Offida. Closed to Ascoli Piceno, in the Marche region, Offida is a little town with an amazing Carnival.

In the evening of Giovedì Grasso (Shrove Thursday), the Congreghe (groups dressed with traditional costumes) receive the keys of the town from the Mayor.

This means that they are in charge of the the town for all the Carnival celebrations.

A lovely event is a kind of corrida called “Lu bov fint” (the fake ox): the fake animal (made of wood and iron and covered by a cloth) fights against the crowd and , finally, it is killed and taken as a trophy around the town.

Fano. Dated back to 1347, it’s the most ancient Carnival in Italy.

It’s famous not only for its allegoric floats but also for the so called “getto”: during all the parades, tons of sweets and chocolates are thrown from the floats!

Mamoiada. Starting with the fuoco sacro (holy fire) lit in front of the main church of the town, this Carnival takes place around the bonfires lit in each quarter.

People gather around them for 2 nights of music and dance, wearing  archaic masks and costumes.

Ready to choose a mask and dive into the tradition?