online ditals course

Our First Online DITALS Course

Our first online DITALS course was a totally new experience! Following the Covid-19 emergency guidelines, we were not able to deliver our usual DITALS course in presence. Therefore, we moved it online and chose Zoom as the best platform do to it. Students from different cities could take part in the course and continue their […]


DITALS I: How to Choose The Learner Profile

Have you already chosen among the DITALS I learner profiles? As you probably know, this exam is structured on a specific learner profile which is related to teaching/learning context, student’s age and personal motivation. Here you have a list of all the profiles: if you specialize in a profile, you will be able to better […]


What Shall I Study For the DITALS I 2020 Specific Student’s Profiles?

Have you already chosen the student’s profile for the DITALS I exam? As you know, the bibliography of the DITALS I exam includes specific manuals for each profile in order to help you deepen your knowledge of their features. If you want to learn more about the basic bibliography common to all the profiles you […]

Ditals Base

What To Expect From The DITALS Base Exam

The DITALS Base exam is perfect to get the certification to teach Italian as a foreign language for those who are non-natives with a B2 Italian language certification or for people who are natives but have just started this job and don’t have much experience. What does the exam consist of? It includes three sections, let’s see […]


DITALS II Exam 2020: Which Books Do I Have to Study?

Have you just started your preparation to take the DITALS II exam? As you saw, the bibliography for the DITALS II is quite rich, so it might be useful to focus on the basics. Here you have the list of books recommended by the University of Foreigners of Siena: for each section you have to […]

Ditals Base

DITALS Base Preparation 2020: What To Study For The Exam

The DITALS Base is the certification released by the University for Foreigners of Siena to teach Italian as foreign language for non-natives with a certified B2 Italian level of competence or for those who have just approached the teaching path. Let’s go through the minimum bibliography in order to understand what to study! Italian Linguistics […]


DITALS I Preparation 2020: What Do I Have to Study?

Have you just had a look at the DITALS I bibliography? As you can see there is a long list: we will go through the essentials, but don’t forget that there are also suggested books to improve your knowledge about specific topics. Let’s have a look! Italian linguistics (one book between the following options): D’Achille […]


What Antonio thinks about his DITALS preparation course

  One of our DITALS Course attendees, Antonio Galati, spent some time telling us about his point of view regarding the course and its preparation. Enjoy this nice interview to discover his thoughts!   Tell us about your education and previous work experience. I graduated in Modern Literature at the University of Salento. I spent 5 […]


How to prepare Section D of the DITALS II Exam

  Are you going to take the DITALS II exam? If you have a good teaching experience, it is what you need to aim for. The last section of the exam, Section D, is called Oral Teaching Skills and is quite challenging for all those who approach it. The reason is related not only to its technical […]


DITALS II Exam – How to pass Section C

  Are you considering the DITALS II exam as your next step? The DITALS II certification, released by the University for Foreigners of Siena, is the perfect choice for those who have already a good teaching experience. The third part of the exam, Section C, is about the Theoretical knowledge of language teaching. This section includes […]