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Where To Order A Great Italian Coffee In London

Taking Italian tuitions in London and very fond of a good Italian coffee? If you are taking Italian tuitions in London and looking for Italian bars to enjoy some great coffee, we have a good news! As you may have noticed, in London there are many Italian bars! Obviously not all of them serve the […]

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Where Cappuccino Comes From

Do you enjoy learning Italian in London? If you are learning Italian in London you will be happy to learn the story of cappuccino and some vocabulary! Most people love this type of coffee: we would say that it is the most popular around the world! But do you know where cappuccino comes from? The story […]


Are you English or Italian coffee?

In Italy, when you say “a coffee, please” you mean exclusively Espresso: a short one with an intense flavour. Venice was the first Italian city to appreciate coffee and to have public spaces where it could be enjoyed. Over the time, Italy has become the official ambassador of the Espresso philosophy. Nowadays, coffee has become almost […]


The Five Senses of Coffee

1. SMELL: The first aroma is released when the coffee is around 80°C and is mixed to allow the perfume, exceeding the layer of cream. There are fresh and light notes of flowers and fruits, and jasmine almond. The second aroma comes after tasting, when you can perceive aromas  more determined such as butter, freshly baked […]