Festa della Repubblica 2020

Festa della Repubblica 2020: How To Celebrate

How will the Festa della Repubblica 2020 be celebrated in Italy? The Festa della Repubblica 2020 on the 2nd June will be different from what we are used to. The tough times Italy has been through will obviously affect the traditional events organised every year. According to the new rules to be followed due to […]

May Day 2020

May Day 2020: Italian Online Events

How are people celebrating May Day 2020 in Italy? May Day 2020 will be different from what we are used to. In Italy, May Day is an important national holiday. It’s the so called Festa dei Lavoratori (workers celebration) because it celebrates the several fights that took place worldwide to achieve the essential job rights. […]

Liberation Day 2020

How To Celebrate The Liberation Day 2020

How will Italians celebrate the Liberation Day 2020? The Liberation Day 2020 in Italy is going to be very different from what we are used to. As you probably know, the Liberation Day falls on 25th April and it’s a national holiday. The 25th April 1945 marks the liberation of Italy from nazi-fascism and the […]

mercato metropolitano

Mercato Metropolitano

Are you an Italian food lover? Do you want to know more about Italian products? So the Mercato Metropolitano is definitely worth a visit! The Mercato Metropolitano was born in Italy from an idea of the entrepreneur Andrea Rasca: it opened in Milan near Porta Genova in May 2015 during the Expo and it remained open for 6 months. […]

Peppe Voltarelli

A night with Peppe Voltarelli at Happy Languages

On April 6th, at the Aldgate Tower, in the City of London, Happy Languages hosted the concert of Peppe Voltarelli, a famous Italian songwriter from Calabria. It has been an exciting evening where music, interviews and stories found their right place and time. The lovely atmosphere of the Aldgate Tower where the language school Happy Languages has its […]

Umberto Boccioni

Back to the Future

We get on the time machine and get carried futuristic era of Polibibita (cocktail) of the early twentieth century! The futuristic movement of painters, writers, inventors of the contemporary age who created excitement and amazed people with their art… Outside the box… And how could not be through new cocktails arousing stunning emotions! Marinetti said: […]

Italian Aperitivo

Spritz Time

An Italian tradition getting more and more common in recent years, that makes the aperitif the most interesting moment of the day, is absolutely the Spritz time! In a glamorous Milan and in the other major cities around Italy, many young people look for the various American bars around the city for this unforgettable ritual! […]

Italian Aperitivo

The Royal Drinks

It’s up to you… Negroni, Negroni Sbagliato or Negrosky? There is a great variety of alternatives for an aperitif with an Italian’s signature. “On May 25th 1868 the Count Camillo Negroni was born in Fiesole. Member of a noble and wealthy family, he became a celebrity of his time: vibrant, creative, rebellious, multilingual, traveler, he […]

aperitivo comes

Where APERITIVO Comes From

The social ritual of the aperitivo comes from a very ancient tradition. If you think the “aperitivo” time is a modern trend, invented few years ago as a nice way to hang out with friends and socialise eating and drinking, you’re about to discover something surprising! The origins of the aperitif date back to the […]