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Discover Eataly In London

Curious to discover Eataly in London? Eataly in London is officially open and ready to welcome you with amazing Italian food and drinks! Eataly was founded in 2007 in Italy by Oscar Farinetti, who created a real paradise for food lovers: amazing restaurants and shops gathered in one fabulous venue to have the opportunity to […]

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Best Italian Restaurants For Delivery In London

What are the best Italian restaurants for delivery in London? Discovering some Italian restaurants for delivery is a good idea to face the new lockdown. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency, many restaurants in London have launched or strengthen their delivery service. So during thislockdown you will have the chance to eat delicious specialities […]

Italian deli East London

Discover Our Top 5 Italian Deli In East London

Do you know some good Italian deli in East London? There are many Italian deli in East London selling the best Italian products you may be looking for. If you want to cook something special or just want to do your weekly shopping, finding Italian food brands and delicious ingredients won’t be difficult! Over the […]

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Italian Fruit And Veg To Your Door In London

Would you like to get your Italian fruit and veg in London delivered to your door? If you are looking for Italian fruit and veg in London, there are many amazing options to book your delivery. Instead of buying tasteless products in supermarkets, you can get fresh, colorful and healthy products to enjoy. It’s never […]