Italian Gestures

Non-Verbal Communication in Language Teaching

According to the common sense, language is considered in itself only as verbal language, meaning “made of words”. Indeed, the concept of language is far more extensive The term indicates “a form of communicative behaviour apt to transmit information and to create an interactional relation that utilize symbols having an identical value for the individuals […]

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Italian is not for me

JOIN OUR WORKSHOP IN MILANO Be creative! Being creative also means proposing different options for the language learning to facilitate the different learning styles of the students and trying to keep a high level of motivation. To be creative we need to be conscious of what is around us, being curious, and in the Web 2.0 […]

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La Frase Che Amo Contest

Here you can find all our videos for the Italian Language Contest #lafrasecheamo organized by Alma Edizioni. “Siedi qui e lasciati andar così, lascia che entri il sole dentro te e respira tutta l’aria che puoi, i profumi che senti anche tu.” “CHI AMA È POSSEDUTO DA UN DIO” “VIVERE ALLA GIORNATA” “IN CULO ALLA […]

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Textbook Simplification

JOIN OUR WORKSHOP IN MILANO The annual report about foreign citizenship students, issued by the Italian Minister of Education (MIUR), challenges us to think about the real possibility of educational success for immigrants. Reading the data, we find out that in 2013/2014, only 90,6% of foreign students in Secondary school have passed the year, while this […]


HAPPY Days in Turin

The trip starts over  a charming old town. The first steps toward the center offer  boundless and rural glimpses. Immediately fascinated by the city centre’s elegance and authority. Piazza San Carlo, Via Roma and you’re instantly in Via XX Settembre, you arrived. The time is marked by a coffee and a Merenda Sinoira. Walking from […]

Good reasons to become Italian teacher

Good Reasons to Become an Italian Teacher

Why should you become an Italian teacher to foreigners? So many answers to this question! First of all, if you want to become an Italian teacher, you do it for pure passion. Passion for your country, your traditions, your history and, of course, your language! A language is something real, alive, that changes with every […]

Our happy summer tour in 20214

Happy Summer Tour 2014

…and here we are! The Happy Summer Tour Video! Our Happy Summer Tour in 2014 was a fantastic opportunity to travel around Italy: a great experience in Bologna, Roma and Morano, where we did “Le Parole sono Importanti”, a workshop for Italian teachers. Going around different cities and meeting all the teachers who took part […]