have a look at the best tips to learn a language

Best Tips To Learn A Language From Scratch

Let’s talk about the best tips to learn a language from scratch! If you are starting from scratch, it’s important to have a look at the best tips to learn a language: useful advice that will make your learning life easier and fun! Making the right choices is essential if you want to keep your […]

how to celebrate St Patrick's Day 2022 in London

Let’s Celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2022 In London

How are you going to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2022 in London? This year St Patrick’s Day 2022 in London will be amazing: a lot of events to join and so much fun! If you are not familiar with this important festivity have a look at this article to read more about it. You will […]

international women's day 2022 events in London

How To Celebrate International Women’s Day 2022

Any plans to celebrate the International Women’s Day 2022? The International Women’s Day 2022 on the 8th March will be plenty of interesting events to join, either online or in presence: for instance, London offers amazing ways to celebrate it If you don’t know much about the Women’s Day and want to read something about […]

useful tips for your new year language resolution

Your New Year Language Learning Resolutions: 5 Tips To Succeed

As 2022 has just started, what’s your new year language resolution? If you are passionate about languages, we bet your new year language resolution is already set! A lot of people start the year with clear language goals to be pursued month after month. Obviously motivations can vary quite a lot, so it’s important to […]

how to celebrate St.Patrick's Day 2021

The Best Online Events For St.Patrick’s Day 2021

Ready for St.Patrick’s Day 2021? Despite the lockdown and the current restrictons, St.Patrick’s Day 2021 will be great! It will look different from other years, but still plenty of nice things to do: this amazing celebration of Irish culture all around the world will take place in alternative ways. Virtual events are replacing the usual […]

How to celebrate mother's day 2021

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day 2021

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! If you haven’t thought about how to celebrate Mother’s Day, well…it’s time to plan something unforgettable! If you are thinking that the pandemic will affect your celebrations, don’t worry: despite the current lockdown, it’s possible to celebrate your mum in ways that you might have never considered before. Even if […]

how to celebrate women's day 2021

International Women’s Day 2021: What To Do

How are you going to celebrate the International Women’s Day 2021? Despite the pandemic, there are some interesting things to do to celebrate Women’s Day 2021, on March 8th. If you want to read more about Women’s Day have a look at this article. Actually, it’s possible to start supporting the 2021 campaign theme #ChooseToChallenge: […]

things to do in Winter Lockdown

Things To Do During The Winter Lockdown

How are you facing your winter lockdown? Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are in the middle of the winter lockdown: staying at home after such a long time can be a bit upsetting, but actually there are many things to do! Planning some activities at home is very important to enjoy your free time […]

best way to learn spanish

Best Way To Learn Spanish – Week 30

What’s the best way to learn Spanish during this lockdown? At present, online classes are definitely the best way to learn Spanish. After 30 weeks of lessons on Zoom, we strongly believe that this way of learning has been perfect to suit everybody’s needs. Meeting online after work has been a good habit to keep […]

learn to speak italian

Learn To Speak Italian Online – Week 29

Raise your hand if you want to learn to speak Italian! A lot of people want to learn to speak Italian during the lockdown: at Happy Languages, despite the pandemic, we have never stopped! We have taught Italian online for 29 weeks now and we are happy about our student’s progress. Teaching and learning on […]